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Please contact the LIME Network Team if you have any queries about using the tools:

Phone: +61 3 83449160


Your organisation has been allocated a single and unique log in. You can share this log in with staff members who will be contributing to the review/s. Those involved could include members of staff responsible for teaching and/or administering Indigenous health, those leading the relevant Unit at your organisation and other engaged staff members.

Please note that only one of the Periodic Systemic Review of Indigenous Health should be created at one time (i.e. one for each year you complete the tool). Various contributors can be identified when they insert their name into the ‘Completed by’ box at the end of each question – this ensures all relevant information can be captured for review in one place.

When the Periodic Systemic Review of Indigenous Health is undertaken over consecutive years, the organisation’s progress can be mapped and compared.

When completing the review, please answer the questions only in relation to the past year’s activities. This will ensure that you capture initiatives appropriately.



The Dashboard contains sections to begin and compare the Periodic Systemic Review of Indigenous Health.

Comparison of Your Results Over Time: provides a comparison of all completed reviews.

In Progress: Current review being undertaken, not yet submitted.

Completed: Completed reviews, including:

  • View Results: Presenting all results from the review.
  • Download PDF: download a PDF overview of results.
  • Download CSV: export results to a spreadsheet.


Periodic Systemic Review of Indigenous Health Initiatives


To provide Specialist Medical Colleges with a tool to review their response to Indigenous health initiatives against the Australian Medical Council Standards for Assessment and Accreditation of Specialist Medical Programs and Professional Development Programs 2015. The reference to the relevant Standard and/or associated Note is detailed on each page.

When to use this tool:

  • To assist Specialist Medical Colleges in preparing for AMC Accreditation;
  • To review systemic responsiveness to Indigenous health initiatives;
  • To collate evidence of Indigenous health initiatives.

What it will provide:

  • Identification of current strengths in relation to the AMC Standards;
  • Identification of areas for improvement to align with AMC Standards;
  • The opportunity to review your College’s responsiveness to Indigenous health initiatives over time.

Each Section of the review is related to a ‘Standard’ and its associated ‘Notes’ in which Indigenous health is stated as an issue for consideration. There are multiple questions to be completed as part of each Section. Once you have completed all of the questions, move to the next Section by using the ‘Next’ button. The Review can be saved at any point in time to be completed at a later date.

Once all the questions have been answered, and the review has been submitted, the Tool can no longer be amended.

Please note that the term ‘Indigenous’ is used on this page to acknowledge the Accreditation Tools’ applicability to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, as well as Māori health education initiatives.